CBD For Pets

Primitive Pets CBD Oil is a natural product made with simple ingredients that you can feel confident giving to your beloved animals. At Primitive CBD we believe in giving your pets the same opportunity as you have.

Our Pet CBD range follows the same rigorous quality control as all our other products. It’s THC free, sourced from Organic EU hemp and our dog CBD is Full Spectrum – unlike many of the other brands on the market! Our minimum potency is considered high compared to our competitors as we want our customers to have value for money and a top quality product.


We supply dog CBD in the 3 strengths, dependent on your dog size and our dog CBD range is also suitable for horses.  All our pet CBD is sausage flavoured, and we use MCT carrier oil for improved bioavailability and taste.

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Customers have been using these products to help share something that they love with their closest pet companions. It’s very difficult to see our pets suffer as they get older, and we often want the most natural products for them. Our CBD can be used for animals with existing issues or can be used daily to keep your little guy in tip top shape!


Since the endocannabinoid system of cats is different and cannot process certain phytocannabinoids or terpenes, our CBD for Cats is made from pure CDB.