CBD & Athletic Recovery

CBD for athletes

CBD & Athletic Recovery

How CBD Can Ease Muscle Pain, Inflammation & Speed Up Recovery

For an athlete, the need for recovery time is inevitable. How fast an athlete or a team recovers determines their performance. Quick recovery ensures that athletes get back in the field/court/gym faster. Most times, a quick and proper recovery isn’t possible. There’s still some muscle pain, inflammation, and soreness (DOMS) even with enough time to recover.

CBD, may be the solution. In this case, it is extracted from the hemp plant along with other natural cannabinoids (see our FAQ). CBD has multiple health attributes that can assist with recovery. Athletes can use CBD as a topical balm, oral spray or vape in an e-cigarette – each has its specific application but all can help!

Here are some of the potential health benefits of CBD in athletic recovery.

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CBD Enhances Muscles Regeneration

The more you work out, the more muscle mass one gains. Most athletes need more muscle mass. CBD has been shown to have anti-catabolic properties. Anti-catabolic definition: Anti-catabolic properties are those which protect muscle mass in the body from being broken down.

CBD does this by regulating the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. This helps to increase the uptake of protein nutrients into the bloodstream helping to build muscle and muscle mass. Studies have shown that taking CBD can help reduce cortisol levels.

Since your muscles are bigger and stronger, you can recover quickly after a demanding workout session or game. Many bodybuilders are incorporating CBD into their pre and post workout.

An important point to make here is the quality of the CBD must be high and there are significant upsides by using a Full Spectrum Oil over broad spectrum or CBD isolate – take CBD as nature intended!

CBD Boosts Sleep And Relaxation

As an athlete, when you sleep, your body is active in repairing and regenerating your muscles. Thus, sleep and rest help to boost your recovery. More and better sleep means that you can heal and recover faster.

CBD helps to improve your quality of sleep. Since it doesn’t contain the marijuana high, it won’t make you drowsy. Rather, it will help to relax your body and ensure that you sleep soundly and peacefully.

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CBD Reduces Muscle Inflammation

When muscles get stressed during high intensity exercise they get micro-tears in the muscle tissue –  which leads to inflammation, the bodies natural healing process. The inflammation usually causes pain 12 to 24 hours after the exercise and can last several days. This condition is known as DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

When the muscles are damaged, reducing the inflammation can assist in speeding up the healing process – and that’s where CBD Oil comes in.

CBD is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Thus, it helps to reduce soreness in muscles as you recover. This means that you can reduce the pain in your muscles after workouts. In turn, this will help you recover quickly.

Use CBD before and after your workout to help reduce inflammation. Our customers find that regular use of the sublingual spray as well as around workouts helps. We also have a super concentrated balm to rub on localised aches and pains.

Alternative to Opioids

Chronic pain can often be the downfall of elite and novice athletes. Often they are prescribed opioids due to their effectiveness as painkillers. Unfortunately, opioids are addictive and have severe side effects – many people wish (and should) to avoid them if and where possible.

Popular alternatives to opioids, NSAIDs (anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen),  also have their own associated side effects. This leads to the question, is there a natural alternative with low or no side effects? The answer is, YES

CBD is natural, non-addictive, well tolerated, effective pain killer. Athletes can use CBD in place of (or alongside) opioids to help eliminate pain from injuries or strenuous workout sessions.

One study recently found “CBD could significantly reduce opioid use and improve chronic pain and sleep quality among patients who are currently using opioids for pain management”

It can be used both before and after a workout. It helps to relieve muscle aches and soreness in the joints.

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For athletes, whether they play basketball or run marathons, they need to be prepared for the match or the race. Preparation requires intense workout sessions which lead to soreness and inflammation in the muscles.

CBD comes in handy to help athletes recover from these after-work out conditions and be ready for their next race or game. It helps to reduce pain on the muscles, improve recovery time and quality of sleep.


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