Why do we blog?

At Primitive CBD, we understand there is a lot going on in the world of CBD! It can be pretty overwhelming for a newbie, with a lot of unfamiliar language and some far out claims! In our blog, we hope to take some confusion out of CBD and address a lot of the topics we get asked about regularly.


We aim to post weekly blogs, bringing the latest news, reviews and science about CBD to you in simple language and how you can incorporate CBD into your lifestyle and some of the benefits it can provide to your daily life.


If you have a blog topic you would like us to deep-dive into and write a blog about, please get in touch via email or social media, and we’d be happy to explore the topic for you.

Anxiety has come to the forefront in 2021 - the world, our daily lives and social interactions have all changed. CBD may be the help you need!...